NHS Treatments

We are an NHS dentist in Wolverhampton and close to Stafford.

The NHS provides the dental care you need to keep your mouth, teeth and gums healthy and pain-free. NHS dental care with this practice has no strings attached, no hidden fees, just great service. We believe that everyone is entitled to a happy, healthy smile. At Dental Health stop, we consider it our mission to make sure you have one.

NHS Treatments


Dentures are the simplest way of replacing natural teeth and their correct alignment between the upper and lower jaws, aids comfortable eating and speech.

Typically made from acrylic, dentures are created to match the colour of each patient’s teeth, helping them to drastically improve their smiles. We can fit partial or complete dentures, depending on the number of missing teeth. Why not speak to us today about dentures?

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatments, often referred to as root fillings, are usually performed when a tooth has a particularly large cavity that has reached the depths of  the nerve chamber.

Patients may also benefit from a root canal treatment if their tooth breaks, exposing the nerve,which leaves the nerve susceptible to infection and to prevent this the space can be filled.


Crowns and Bridges

Crowns are often used to improve and strengthen mis-shapen, broken, or discoloured teeth, while veneers have a natural appearance to them, requiring very little preparation of the teeth and they offer great results for some crooked or spaced teeth. Bridges are ‘fixed’ in the mouth giving patients more confidence when talking and eating.