What is Hemi-section? 

  • Hemi-section is performed on teeth with two or more roots (most commonly Molar teeth). 
  • It is the section of one or more roots that have an infection source or fracture present. 
  • Root Canal filling of the remaining root/s is necessary in hope of saving the tooth. 
  • A crown is required where Root canal and Hemi-section treatments are successful. 
  • A surgical approach to gain visible access of the roots is the most predictable technique for success 

  Indications for Hemi-section? 

  • Root canal filling treatment hasn’t been considered successful. 
  • The root/s of a tooth have a source of infection remaining. 
  • The root/s have a fracture present. 
  • The patient wishes to try and save a tooth rather than have extraction. 
  • The surviving root is accessible and able to be treated with Root canal. 
  • The surviving root is able to respond to a post-crown restorative treatment. 


  • May prevent the loss of the tooth, avoiding bone loss in the area, teeth shifting and opposing teeth over-erupting into the space. 
  • If successful, the patient will retain their ability to eat and chew as normal. 
  • Avoids replacement options such as Dentures and Bridges which can be detrimental to other teeth. 


  • Where roots are fused together or very curved (poor candidate for Hemi-section). 
  • Patients may be unwilling to undergo surgical and root canal treatments. 
  • Timely procedure. 
  • Superseded by implants


  • Increased stress on other teeth (because of the loss of 50% of the tooth). 
  • Infection, swelling, bruising after the surgical procedure.